Data Studio Mastery for ActiveCampaign

This online course delivered via the Find My Insight learning platform will allow you to build powerful data visualisations for your ActiveCampaign account using Google Data Studio. Follow along as we show you how to create masterful dashboards which give actionable insight and allow stakeholders to easily measure the success of your campaigns, content, automations and other features you or your clients are using. 



What you will learn

Using your Find My Insight Data Studio connector for ActiveCampaign, you will

  • Create each of the data visualisations (scorecards, time series charts, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, dual axes charts, tables, scatter plots) on this page

  • Create fully custom re-usable report templates that follow best practice principles to share with colleagues and clients for ActiveCampaign

  • Add dynamic date and dimension filters to make your dashboards interactive.

  • Learn how to create dimensions and metrics and when to use them.

  • Understand the how to use data blends in your ActiveCampaign Connector from Find My Insight.
Your Campaigns & Automations
ActiveCampaign Deal Tracking

Who is this for?

Data Studio Mastery for ActiveCampaign is for individuals or businesses who are using ActiveCampaign and want to build and share insights using  Google Data Studio. Learn how to quickly create your custom dashboards to share with key stakeholders and clients.

Your role might fall into one of the following

  • ActiveCampaign Partner or Agency

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Small Business Owner

What you will get?

You will get lifetime access to this course on our learning platform. You will be able to download the templates listed below. This will allow you to follow along and quickly understand the fundamentals of dashboard design on your journey to Data Studio Mastery for ActiveCampaign.

Dashboards include

  1. Your Campaigns and Automations
  2. You account Snapshot
  3. Your Content
  4. Your Deals
ActiveCampaign in a Snapshot
Which Content do people like?

Your journey begins here.

Enroll for this course on our private learning platform.

Each lesson will contain tutorial videos and documentation to successfully guide you through Data Studio Mastery for ActiveCampaign.

All you need to get started are

  • A Current ActiveCampaign subscription.
  • ActiveCampaign Connector from Find My Insight
  • Google Data Studio (it's Free!)
  • 4-8 hours (dependant upon your current skill level with Google Data Studio). 

What are you waiting for? start today 


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