Learn how to get the most out of Google Data Studio and your connectors from Find My Insight.


Data Blending Basics

Step through the basics of how to create a data blend. Understand why the order of the data source is important in a blend. You can download workbook and follow the video


Configuring your subscription to connect to Data Studio.

Facebook Ads Insight

Configuring your subscription to connect to Data Studio.


Configure multiple ActiveCampaign accounts in your membership

ActiveCampaign- Custom Fields


Build full custom reports from ActiveCampaign using Custom Fields ActiveCampaign accounts in your membership

Data Studio- Convert datetime to date


Learn how to create a date from a Datetime field. This will allow you to create a easy to use date heirachy and create buckets of dates

ActiveCampaign- Total Row count from dimension or measure


Watch this if you only want to get the total number of rows in your end point. 

Data Studio- Using Parameters


Learn how to pass parameters to improve page load speed of your dashboards. 

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