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Integrate your Stripe payment data into Google Data Studio


If you're running an online business, chances are you are using Stripe as your payment gateway. We use Stripe and love it. It's super easy. However, it wasn't perfect, until now.


With the Find My Insight Connector you can track new customers, subscribers, payments, products and coupons. With over 70 resources to choose from you can now get all of your Stripe Payment data in a Google Data Studio report. You can now compare payment information with your website traffic, ads and email marketing. You can calculate Average revenue per customer. 


We know collecting money is the ultimate measure of success. It doesn't matter how much you warm a prospect up and corral them with your marketing. Only when they have travelled down the funnel and paid you  via Strip can you say they have 'Shown you the Money'. 

And when they don't, you can build report for that too.


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Stripe Custom Dashboards by Find My Insight




What you get with the Find My Insight Stripe Payments Connector




Stripe connector for Looker Studio | Find My Insight by Datagems




Single view

Get real-time insights on Stripe metrics like customers, Payments, and subscribers. Calculate ARPU in a single dashboard in Google Data Studio



Ditch frustrating Excel spreadsheets and get rid of copying, pasting and importing CSV files once and for all. Save hours of time every month.


Compare performance

Pull up data from your Stripe Payment gateway and validate against ad performance as provided by Facebook or Google ads.



Find My Insight connects Stripe with Google Data Studio



Easy to understand


Rely on a single portal to track all your key information and present easy-to-understand insights visually, in real-time.




Create custom reports from scratch and go beyond the out-of-the-box Facebook Ads functionality


Stripe Resources Metadata by Find My Insight.pdf


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We have 20 years in the industry and are Google Data Studio gurus. We focus on the quality of our connectors, not quantity!

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We provide top-quality connectors for a small, fixed monthly subscription. You’re not tied into a long-term, expensive pricing solution. Plus, the more you buy, the more value you get.

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