Buy Time- Google Data Studio DASHBOARDS in a snap

You are probably at the very least familiar with Google Analytics (GA) – Google’s tool for collecting, aggregating and visualising data. It collects basic web traffic metrics like sessions, users, time spent on a site and geographic data and is also used to track Google Ads performance.


Google Data Studio is a tool created by Google that lets you build and share interactive dashboards and reports using the data from Google applications (including GA) as well as 3rd party Connectors, like those from Find My Insight. It gives you the ability to combine data from various sources like ActiveCampaign, Facebook Ads and Stripe to form a holistic picture of your overall online performance.


While GA lets you compile some standardised dashboards to show daily, monthly or yearly trends, it’s only in Data Studio that you really start experiencing the power of data. By turning your stream of information into visual, easy-to-read, customisable dashboards and reports it lets you apply key metrics to make better business decisions.


You may already have a good handle on Google Analytics. However, you may be feeling that it’s time to prove your worth to your boss or client by offering ‘next level’ insights integrating other parts of your business. The challenge is finding the time to build the beautiful interactive dashboards that Google Data Studio is capable of.


That’s where the Find My Insight ‘Buy Time’ offers comes in. Let us take the stress and hassle out of building interactive dashboards. Try one of our offers below.

What you get with the Find My Insight BUY TIME offer


Don’t waste hours trying to build stunning interactive dashboards to wow your boss or client. Best of all, you can use the dashboards we create immediately.


We are trusted Google Partners and are experts in our field. We are super-quick and efficient, so you are guaranteed to get bang for your buck.


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