Google Data Studio Connectors

Build any dashboard you want by integrating data from popular marketing and social platforms in Google Data Studio. Make business decisions based on facts, not gut feel. Save hours every week on repetitive tasks. From just $9 per month, try it for 14 days with our free trial here.

Active Campaign connector

Lift your customer experience to the next level by integrating ActiveCampaign data with Google Data Studio. Manage contacts and automation campaigns seamlessly and unlock many other time- and cost-saving features. We’re currently the only Google Partner offering a Google Data Studio connector from only $9/month.

Try it now with a free 14 day trial

Facebook Ads Insight connector

Do you want to see or measure exactly how your Facebook ads are tracking? Measure conversions, clicks, engagement and ROI and compare performance with Google and Bing ads. The Find My Insight connector delivers detailed, easy-to-understand insights in real-time from only $9/month. 

Try it now with a free 14 day trial

Stripe Payments connector

Collecting money is the ultimate measure of success. It doesn't matter how much you warm a prospect up and corral them with your marketing. Only when have travelled down the funnel and paid you via Strip can you say they have 'Shown you the Money'. 

And when they don't, you can build report for that too, from only $9/month. 

Try it now with a free 14 day trial

Facebook Pages connector

Keep track of all the key stats on your Facebook Page/s. Engagement, Posts, Likes. If you want know something. Most likely our connector has it.

 Expert Dashboards

As a business professional, it makes sense to focus on the stuff you’re best at and which drives the most value for your business. That means deciding to outsource specialist tasks to experts.


You’ve no doubt felt frustrated trying to build interactive dashboards in Google Data Studio (formerly Google Analytics) that give you simple, easy-to-understand analysis of how your business and campaigns are tracking. Don’t feel bad; you’re not alone – the world of data and analytics can be complex and hard to get your head around.


That’s where we can help. Find My Insight are experts at taking data streams and connecting them up to Google so you can see all the important parts of your business at a glance. We do this every day – what takes you a day, we can usually do in an hour.


Let us build your dashboards for you. We will work with you to build meaningful dashboards and visualisations that you can use immediately to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Once they’re set up, you can drive them yourself – you don’t even need to know any nerdy code!


Say goodbye to confusing, contradictory and time-consuming reports. Say hello to Google Data Studio with Find My Insight today.

 Current Offers

Let us take the stress and hassle out of building interactive dashboards. Try one of our offers below.

99 minutes for $99

Buy 4 hours of time, get 5

 Web Analytics Starter Kit

Combine the best of Google Analytics, Google Search, My Business and Data Studio data into one place, then showcase it with data visualisation and dashboards.


Say goodbye to the time and hassle of navigating multiple platforms and downloading multiple streams of data with the Find My Insight Small Business Web Analytics Starter Kit.

Impress your boss or clients with clean, easy-to-digest dashboards to help them make accurate, fact-based decisions with confidence. Get up and running in no time. All that’s needed is authentication of the data sources. After that, the process is automated.

Lift Your Data Studio Skills

You may already have a good handle on Google Data Studio and how to generate meaningful reports. However, you may be feeling that it’s time to prove your worth to your boss or client by offering ‘next level’ insights.


Join us to learn mastery of Google Data Studio and other essential Google tools and advance your career or build your business.

Your journey to 


begins here!

We love all of the google tools, they are a great resource for businesses and agencies alike. 

Join us as we show you how to master Google Data Studio (and other Google tools) and begin making fast data driven decisions in your business.

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